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Hotel Christina Tolo

Our hotel is situated in Tolo Argolidos is amorgst ather a perfect location for daily excursions for nearby margor Byzantine Churches & beautifyle monasteries build hundreds of years ago, in the serene and peaceful Greek countryside.

Archaeological Places
This section proposes a brief description of the most interesting archaeological sites of Greece and the Greek Islands.
Discover the most famous and historicaly important places of Ancient Greece near our Hotel: Ancient Epidaurus and Mycenae Source.

Religions Tourism
Religious tourism is not a new idea, something thought up recently. It is the oldest, the most important form of “tourism” in the history of Mankind. Every society has produced members whose quest was to commune with the divine. Religious travel has its roots in the pilgrimages of a bygone age. Since antiquity the desire to embark on a journey for religious purposes has inspired Greeks and non-Greeks to make their way to religious sites throughout Greece. From the earliest times it has been a custom of the Greek people to express their religious sentiments, their deep faith and their reverence for God, a key characteristic of the Orthodox faith for 2000 years.